A Little Help

Professional Problem Solving

What Would You Do With A Little Help?

There’s a space that exists between the big, daunting projects that require professional consultants and the everyday projects you need to get done. You know you need a home office, but the idea of hiring a professional designer is overwhelming. You know your photos need to get organized and printed, but it’ll never happen on its own. 

This is where inertia thrives. 

And while you may not need a home office built or your photos organized, 

you know what these projects are for YOU

And you know you’d get them done with a little help.

That’s exactly what I do.

This work is part project management, part concierge, part designer, part psychologist, part coach, part magician, and part ninja. I love it because it taps into every bit of my decades of experiences as a producer and project manager in the ever-so-exacting TV, film, and live event industries. At some point though I realized that I’d rather use my skills to help people live happier lives (because let’s face it, getting these projects done feels good!).

Whether you run a business or run a household let’s figure out what you could get done with a little help. 

The call is free.

And I promise even just the call will make you feel better. 

We all need a little help

I'd love to help you.

To schedule a consultation, please click on the link below.