Hi, I'm Jasmine!

My interest in helping people through renovation and organization came at a young age courtesy of my real estate/engineer parents. Along with design, photography, baking, and other creative pursuits, I also love details, schedules and all things production. Combine them all together, and A LITTLE HELP was born. Nothing makes me happier than a good project, and I'd love to use my varied skill set to help you.

As a creative producer in the entertainment industry, I've worked on every type of media production that exists, including video, photo, print, installations, social and digital assets, and live events. While working for companies like Bravo, Getty Images and Twentieth Century Fox, on projects including print/television campaigns, photo shoots and too many events to count, I learned how to get things done. You can find more info on me here: www.linkedin.com/in/jasminerinde



David needed a little help creating a photo wall in his apartment. I helped him by choosing and retouching images, getting them printed and sourcing frames, creating a layout that worked for his space, and handling the actual installation.


Maddy needed a little help to prepare her under-construction house for sale. Over the course of a few months I helped her and her husband with logistics, handled construction tasks, and acted as their proxy after they had left the area.


Lori needed a little help figuring out a work-from-home situation in a crowded apartment. I helped her by creating a plan for her space and a list of tasks that were manageable for her to handle, while also helping her build furniture, arranging for items to be sold or discarded, and constructing a closet organization system.


A non-profit arts organization needed a little help to organize years of photos sitting in numerous files across multiple software apps. I researched and tested different asset management systems, taking into account their visual way of working, and migrated all their media files to a system that felt intuitive to them and allowed them to access their images, videos and branding materials all in one place.